Kaspersky Antivirus: Review and Coupon Codes

Kaspersky is regarded as one of the the best antivirus to use in protecting computers against malware attack . There are Kaspersky antivirus, kasperky internet security and Kaspersky 3.0 total security that all work towards protecting your pc and data. With constant upgrades over the years Kaspersky has been able to improve on some of the earlier challenges. Get the Kaspersky protection at an affordable price with the exciting promo deals and coupon codes!

It integrates an up to date technology to defend against even the newest threats. Its protection approach identifies threats streaming to its security labs network cloud from the installed software on the computers of millions of its users. The software provides help an option that is comprehensive depending on where one is either through live chat or telephone call.

It’s regarded as the best antivirus to use in protecting computer and personal data against malware infections and cyber crimes. It rates very highly compared to other antiviruses due to its high detection rates. You can also use the exciting deals and coupon codes to get attractive discounts on their products.

Features included in Kaspersky are:

  • Anti-malware
  • Firewall
  • Kaspersky security network
  • Cloud assisted protection
  • Application control
  • Application white listing.
  • Web control
  • Device control
  • Systems configuration
  • Advanced vulnerability scanning
  • Patch management
  • File server protection
  • Mobile device management
  • Mobile endpoint security.
  • Encryption
  • Mail server security
  • Web/internet gateway protection
  • Collaboration server security.

Kaspersky boasts of the following superior qualities as compared to its competitors:

1. Advanced antivirus protection against computer viruses, trojans, rootkits, worms, boats and spyware among others-it works in the background ensuring you or your computer’s performance are not disturbed thus ensuring safety of your computer and data.

2. Real time protection using web based technology to protect your computer against latest malware threats-it shows icons that are coded with colors along all web links thus showing you about links and all subsequent pages that are dangerous or suspicious.

3. Automatic safety checks providing an easy way to check files, applications to be installed on the computer and the web sites that one visits.

4.It’s high virus detection rates and scanning allows faster virus deletion-it uses cloud based anti-phishing technologies which ensures that phishing websites do not trick you into disclosing data or sensitive information.

5. Its updates are ever up to date with good user interface and graphical view.

6. It enables rollback of harmful malware activity.

Kaspersky also has its fair share of disadvantages which include:

1 .Slower system performance upon the installation of the antivirus software on some computers.

2. Inabilty to block unwanted content from websites which leads to inability to have total control over sites being accessed from a system.

Kaspersky enables users to save up to $ 20 on purchase of their products with prices ranging as follows:

New Kaspersky internet security for 5 devices:

1 year-$ 79.95

2 years-149.95

Kaspersky 3.0 total security for 3 devices

I year-$ 69.95

2 year-139.95

Kaspersky internet security for 3 devices

1 year-$ 59.95

2 years-119.95

Kaspersky antivirus for 1 pc

I year-$39.95

2 years-69.95

Use the deals and coupon codes to avail of exciting discounts on all the Kaspersky products and save money in the longer run!

McAfee Antivirus: Review And Coupon Codes

Today, computers have invaded the business industry as well as the home.  Nearly all homes have a personal computer or a laptop used mainly for leisure.   A small percentage occupies the pc used for home business.  However you put it, computers are now a necessity whether for personal or to earn extra for your small business.

Having a computer is not as simple as just clicking.  You need to take care of your files and protect them from viruses that may infect and eventually destroy those precious files.  To be able to safeguard your computer from harm, you need to install a highly trusted system like McAfee Antivirus software.  It has been the favorite antivirus that really works from a reputable company.  From this website, a purchase is given a discount as long as you have coupons.

To give you ideas on what software to purchase, let us review the different antivirus that works for you.  From there, you can choose the best and the one that fits your budget.  To give you a tip, buy online on their website and get a discount with their ongoing promo.

·         Protection against Virus and Spyware.  You don’t want to mess with these two; otherwise, you won’t be able to use your computer again nor save the precious files you keep.  So better have this installed and for more savings, get the coupon code when you buy online.

·         Using the Web and Sending Emails Protection.  Sending emails is now the hype for sending any form of communication.  Efficient, fast and reliable.  Although not that safe as your email may also transmit a virus with the receiver.  Even just by browsing, you can catch virus so beware of the site you go into.

·         Updates from McAfee.  These are sent to you automatically for you to be able to know what McAfee has up its sleeve to make your computers a warrior against the attack of malware, spyware and viruses.

·         Subscribe Now.  Your subscription comes with some announcements on where to get the latest from coupon code from McAfee.  It also includes promo offers so you can avail of the great savings on your purchases.


Good news on getting rid of the malware as it blocks dangerous and alarming websites.  A firewall that is able to think as well as protect your computer well.  Gives advice against unsafe sites and search engines frequently visited.

Whenever you visit the McAfee website, it rewards you with a coupon code for you to get a lower rate so you can enjoy how it works.


Longer installation time and requires a technical support when doing it for assistance.  Firewall has some issues.

Next time you think of getting on the web, consider the many possibilities of getting a virus no matter how safe the site is.  Make sure you are protected and you have McAfee Antivirus in your computer so you’ll be in safe hands.  Also, remember to buy only on this website to avail of the coupons given and use to get discount on their promo offers.

Better be safe than sorry!

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